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Supply Chain Opportunities

Very few businesses can operate without buying-in certain services, products or skills from other businesses.

This creates opportunities for potential suppliers. And in turn, these suppliers might need to buy-in or sub-contract certain things. And so a supply chain is created.

The bigger the business or project, the more likely the need to source suppliers across a range of fields. There are loads of supply chain opportunities in North Wales right now, so it's worth keeping your eyes and ears open.

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Supply Chain Events

Implementing Organisational Change
This workshop brings together the three elements that are required to implement change in an organisation – Programme management, Change management and Benefits management.   Day 1  - of the course will introduce the essentials of programme management, which is based on the best management practice method of Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®), as the delivery vehicle for organisational change. The rest of the day focuses on benefits management, because this is the major influence as to whether to commence or continue with the change.  The session takes the delegate from estimated benefits in the business case through to how benefits realisation takes place both within the programme and post programme. This session is based on the best management practice method of Managing Benefits™   Day 2 -  describes the skills, tools and techniques required to embed the changes delivered by the programme within the ‘business as usual’ area of the organisation.  Several change models are considered as well as the soft skills and communication issues that are faced by business change managers.  The session also deals with how to overcome resistance to change.
St Asaph
The Road From Start-Up to Exit - Growing Your Business For Your Eventual Exit / Sale
This workshop is aimed at all growing businesses!  It deals with initial shareholder structures and shareholders agreements to ensure the business is correctly structured from the start.
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Wylfa Newydd
Key Projects

Big development projects usually create big opportunities for local businesses. So it’s worth being in the know.

There’s at least seven major projects underway or being planned in North Wales right now – including a nuclear power station, a prison, an eco park and a tidal lagoon.

And the fact is, you need a lot of skills, products and services to build and operate big facilities like these.

Some of these things are usually outsourced – and if you’re in the right kind of industry, you might be able to bid for that work and win a valuable contract.


Another great way to find opportunities is to search on the Sell2Wales website. It's managed by Welsh Government and used mostly by the public sector to advertise contracts.

Local councils, colleges, the NHS, environmental agencies, emergency services and other public organisations use the site to source suppliers of different products, services or skills - anything from ICT support to waste management or buildings maintenance.

Watch the videos below, or visit the site for more info.