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Moneypenny to showcase latest AI developments


North Wales based communications specialists Moneypenny are to showcase their expanding innovative and technology led services with the opening of their very own ‘Tech Garden’.

Demonstrating the exciting technology available and located at the award winning site in Wrexham, the Tech Garden will be looking to encourage discussion about the possibilities Artificial Intelligence (AI) can offer clients, whilst also looking at how it can improve the customer experience.

Designed by specialist technicians, the facility will also be used to show various AI driven services to suit all. Moneypenny already uses AI within its internal system where their devices are boosted to become 190,000 times smarter.


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The firm will also be launching other projects and undertaking ground-breaking work with their new Digital Voice Recognition switchboard, which will deliver text to speech recognition, recognising the way people speak which could lead to the software understanding the way a caller is feeling and to best serve them.

Led by pioneering Managing Director Joanna Swash, she commented, “we are delighted with the ‘Tech Garden’ and how it brings to life and demystifies how we use AI every day to improve our services.

“Over 90% of the businesses that work with us would never have access to this communication technology on their own, but they’re accessing it every day, via our services.

“We are rigorously testing all our new technology to ensure we maintain our exceptional customer experience.  

“The key here, is that all the Moneypenny products are tailored specifically to what a business needs, this makes us surpass all clients’ expectations and this combination is our unique strength.”

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