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When it comes to managing a business it’s vital that you get all the key components right to put yourself in the best position possible, and one of those important elements is making a good first impression…

In this day and age the likely first port of call of a new customer or client will be online, so it’s vital that you’re branding is looking slick and professional as the customers in question make their initial judgements.

Marketing and Branding are two very important tools that you need to manage carefully, it’s the way somebody looks at the business, the way they know whether they want to go forward with you or not.

When it comes to bringing in new custom the way in which you market yourself needs time and strategizing to fully benefit. This can however to someone who’s alien to this feel a little daunting, but there’s ways of getting help.

Be a part of history

Superfast Business Wales are running free workshops across North Wales to teach business minded individuals the perfect way to manage Branding & Marketing. From the very basics to neat tips and tricks to put you a step ahead of the competition.

The workshop is packed full of practical exercises, examples and discussion on the chemistry of brands, what they mean and the way good marketing can give you a competitive advantage.

Using renown and lesser-known examples, it explores branding within the world of a small business and is designed to help business owners improve and exploit their unique offer. 

Delegates will leave with a far greater perception of what creates a strong, clear brand image and how to apply a concise, compelling narrative to their business marketing to engage new customers and inspire existing ones.

The workshop will teach you a plethora of things across the board including the following:

  • How well do you understand your customer, not just what they tell you, but what drives their behaviour?
  • Which consumer audience should you focus on, and what specific actions should you take?
  • How can you unleash the latent potential and creativity of all your employees, so they become a part of your marketing?
  • Is there something you can be doing right now that could change your organisation?
  • How can I market my business without spending a fortune?

If you would like to take part in one of these free events then click here.


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