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Grwp Llandrillo Menai look for food and drink boom


Grwp Llandrillo Menai are set to deliver a huge boost to the support and development of the North Wales rural economy with the construction of the Glynllifon Rural Economy Hub.

Their plans consist of a number of projects with the primary aim of delivering economic growth to rural communities with a focus on the food and drink sectors.

As part of the North Wales Growth Bid, the hub could bring in around 91 jobs during its construction with 80 once operational based on the Glynllifon campus in Llandwrog.


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They are now looking to build a Food Enterprise Park, which will provide food grade units for both start-up and established producers other new facilities are set to link up with it.

Also in the pipeline is a knowledge centre, where they will look to create a pool of practice and gain experience to support innovation and enterprise growth in the region and a demonstration site for private sector developers. They will be focusing on stimulating innovation in fields such as sustainable energy, robotics and telecommunications.

More discussions are set to undertake in the coming weeks and months.

The North Wales Growth Deal

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