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Four business brains tell us how to get started and why you need to make it North Wales


North Wales is a massive hub when it comes to the biggest and best businesses from around the world, and year on year produces some of the finest business minds of anywhere across the globe.

From global brands that reached the top 50 growing UK businesses, a former celebrity bodyguard turned adventure entrepreneur, communications heavyweights and a business correspondent with eyes across the region, this is some much sought after advice on not only you as a business person, but why you’d choose North Wales.


Alex Loven (Managing Director, NetWorld Sports)

While we’re a business with global visions and ambitions, as proven by us selling to customers throughout the world, particularly the USA, Canada, Australia, and continental Europe, we’ll never forget our roots and that’s North Wales and also Shropshire, where the business was founded in 2009.

“The overwhelming majority of our expanding team live within a 20-30-mile radius of Wrexham, and it’s those people who are by far the business’s best asset and the main reason why it’s achieved such fantastic success. We’re indebted to the talent, enthusiasm, and potential we find in our surrounding areas and are very proud to be a significant local employer that provides rewarding career opportunities.

“As a business that delivers not just across the UK but globally, our North Wales location also has the benefit of being relatively close to major ports and airports, as well as the motorway network and many of our couriers’ regional distribution hubs”.

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Owen Hughes (Business Correspondent, North Wales Daily Post)

“Go into something you are passionate about, running a business means working long hours and rarely switching off so do something that you love, but do your research, make sure the demand is there for the product or service you want to sell, just because you are interested in it does not mean other people will be.

“2018 promises to be another unpredictable year, look ahead to consider how your market could be impacted by the potential headwinds and opportunities from the ongoing Brexit negotiations - particularly if you want to export. Don't let it hold you back though - there is never a perfect moment to start a business and 2018 could be as good a time as any.

“This region is an ideal place to start a business, land, office, and business unit space is relatively cheap compared to many other parts of the UK.  Digital connectivity is now vastly improved and although transport is not perfect our roads are fairly unclogged when compared to being based in a city, and we have international airports on our doorstep. 

“There is good political support, with the Welsh Government appreciating the need to get behind the region's entrepreneurs and funding support on offer. We now have a joined up approach to economic development that will hopefully see the North Wales Growth Deal bid delivered this year.

“North Wales is a wonderful place to live and more people are starting to appreciate this - businesses can sell this area to potential workers in an ever competitive jobs market”.

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Sean Taylor (Commercial Director, Zip World)

“First of all, get in to a room with people that you can trust and that won’t just tell you what you want to hear. You need a business plan weighting up the pros and cons and it’s important to get advice before you go ahead. You need to love your business, there’s no point putting in the 80 hours for something you don’t enjoy or believe in.

“It’s a great time to invest in North Wales, the stars are aligned and there’s a lot of optimism when it comes to adventure tourism. There’s untapped resources where local councils and government have realised we have to create business in our natural beauty. Creating a destination is also about the providers such as shops, food and drink and accommodation which is key, catering for people around the clock”.

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Joanna Swash (Managing Director, Moneypenny)

“At Moneypenny we always put our clients at the heart of everything we do so I would advise anyone setting up a new business in 2018 to carefully consider how they can provide their clients/customers with the very best customer experience possible.  If the new business will also be employing people then I would also advise that creating a happy workplace is essential as our philosophy is simple, ‘happy staff, happy clients’”.

“Why when working in business would you choose North Wales? We found that the local government and Welsh government were incredibly supportive of all our plans and have really helped us to become world leader in outsourced communications”.

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