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When it comes to running your business you want to get a bit more bang for your buck.

It’s important to get as much as you can out of everything you use and often the most high end techniques will cost a small fortune.

However, here we’ve had a look and found five ways to boost your business and cut the costs for half the price…


1- Business Workshops

Struggling to get the most out of a certain aspect of business? Maybe you don’t feel clued up enough to try your hand at the likes of marketing or growing and moving into export.

Instead of paying top prices for a course or to bring in an external ‘expert’, you can visit workshops across North Wales offering advice and guidance completely free and leave with the same knowledge and confidence, if not more!

Business Wales are always running different workshops giving you all that vital advice without you spending a penny.


2- Public Services

Public services are an important tool for any organisation or entrepreneur be it at the top or the very bottom. If you are looking at doing some research into any aspect of business and want to read up on it, don’t spend money on expensive pieces of literature when you can get them free from libraries.

Much like the business workshops above, they are also frequently available at libraries and education sites across the region.


Take a look at our property search.


3- Social Media

Moving online, one of the most important things to do when running a business in 2018 is to get active on the internet.

With the most popular method nowadays being mobile phones, a huge number of people are online whilst on the move, meaning there’s a 24/7 demand unlike 10-20 years ago with standard conventional 9-5 hours. By using sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more, you can connect to your potential customers and current ones at the click of a button.

Instead of paying thousands in advertising, you can reach 10x more people for free on social media, it’s a tool not to be missed.


4- Apps

Much like the previous point, people are constantly using their phones and apps are a massive part of modern day society.

With the growing market you can now use these apps for absolutely anything, not just for games at home, watching videos or checking the football scores.

Did you know there are free or cheap apps that will sort out the financial ins and outs of your entire business? You can analyse your website, send our e-mails to customers and send invoices by downloading these simple to use apps that take up far less time than some complicated and dated systems.


5- Wordpress

Finally, your website is a massive part of who you are and for many can be an instant yes or no. An attractive site that’s not too much or too little, it’s so important to get right.

Many companies pay massive amounts of money for web developers and designers to run their site and ensure that everything is secure…but what if I told you there’s a better way?

Websites like WordPress are completely free, but for just £20 a month you can get yourself a site with hundreds of layouts to choose from, that comes with a load of features and more importantly, is simple to use.

It’s content management system is simple enough for a first time user to navigate with ease and support is always on hand if you’re stuck or something went wrong. Not only can you monetise the site, you also have live chat support and unlimited customisation.

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