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So, you’re getting pretty tired of the old nine to five and want a more flexible work environment where you’re the boss? Look no further.

Starting up your own business comes with some brilliant rewards and can be the making of you, but don’t be fooled, you need to be clued up.

If you’ve got an idea in your head for a new venture but just don’t know how to get it down on paper then Business Wales are there to help you.

By attending this free event you’ll be able to learn a whole host of things when it comes to taking the plunge, including assessing your own skills and credentials, and finding out where they are best set.

“It gave me insights into things I hadn't considered and also the opportunity to think 'outside the box' and the importance of planning”



As mentioned you may have the idea in your head for what you want to go into but have no idea how to put it in action, well with this workshop you’ll aided in creating your very own business plan to put the wheels in motion. Without a plan you’ll be putting yourself on the back foot straight away in what is an incredibly competitive market.

Once you’ve got that plan you’ll need to be able to take the first steps as a business. Often it’s baby steps at first and with the help and support of this workshop you’ll know what direction you need to take when making those steps through expert advice.

Finally, financially backing can be a hurdle which many are unable to jump once they are faced by it, but here you can learn where to find financial backing and be able to source those much needed funds when you need them.

You can attend events in either Llandudno – where just a few spaces remain – or Wrexham in April and begin your journey of business freedom.

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