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Whether you’re an internet novice or online aficionado we can all do with some advice from time to time.

It’s the simplest thing to do to create some of the biggest results for your businesses income, surely you aren’t missing out, are you?

55% of SME’s attract more customers and business by being online and in the 21st century things have changed. No longer do you need to sift through newspapers and magazines for viable advertising space or order that giant billboard.

The online community has knitted people together the world over and now any respectable business has found themselves saving cash by using free services on the internet and founding their own website.

But what of those who are unsure or have missed out on using these opportunities to benefit their organisation? Whether you’ve dabbled online before and are looking for tips and tricks or are new to the scene, Business Wales have you covered.


Check out the Growth Bid 


You can attend a completely free workshop in Wrexham this month and revolutionise the way your business interacts with your customers.

You’ll be shown how to build a website that creates sales and they’ll demonstrate how to use your website to make your business viable and attract new customers. Not only will they set you up but you’ll be taught how to maintain the site in the long run and be able to write content that stands out from the crowd.

Delving deeper you’ll also learn how to appear top of SEO’s (Search Engine Optimisation), meaning when your customers are searching through the likes of Google, you’ll appear at the top of those results and reach far more potential new and returning customers.

So, why not head to Wrexham on July 18th for the completely free event and set off on a new path of untold possibility on the World Wide Web?

Find out more by clicking here.

Be part of history!

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