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6 easy tips for getting up and running on the world’s largest network



Since its creation in 2004, Facebook has gone on to be the single biggest social network in history with over a billion people using the website.

With such a huge amount of traffic in just one place, businesses big and small have rushed to the platform to boost their profile and lift them higher up the ladder.

Here we’re giving you some top tips on how to get yourself on there, point where you need to go and what you need to do in order to get you and your business on the next level of online presence.


1 – Get yourself on there!

First things first you need to get yourself on the platform itself. If you’ve already got a Facebook profile, then you’re already halfway there. If not, it’s really quick and simple, in just two minutes you can register and be a part of the biggest network the planet has ever seen. 

The next thing you need to do is get yourself a page for your business. This is a really quick and easy step that you can do and again takes a matter of moments. Once your personal and business pages are up and running, the possibilities are endless.


2- Generate Likes

The first thing you want to do once you’ve set up your page is spread the word and get as many people liking it as possible. The more people who do, the more people who will interact with the page.

Facebook is a modern world version of ‘word of mouth’ where people can ‘post’ and tag your business into different posts and link your page in messages. For example, if you are running a plumbing business and someone posts a ‘status’ about a burst pipe, someone can comment and tag your business in it. People just click your page and all of your information is available and ready to be contacted.

With Facebook, busy is best! You can get likes in a few different ways, start off simple and invite your entire friends list to your page, always start close to home. You can follow this up by paying sponsorship to appear on the timeliness of people from a certain area and a certain number of people, tailored to what your target audience is, they will see your page and like accordingly.


3- Invest

Be wise with your money for marketing and invest some of it in to social media, Facebook especially. By paying to ‘boost’ posts, you can choose a certain type of person who you want to see the posts (i.e. your target audience). By doing this your post appears as a ‘sponsored ad’ on a person’s timeline. For example, you’re a local butcher in Wrexham so you want people from Wrexham aged over 30 who have liked the pages of other local businesses, these are the sort of people who buy local, and with them going on to ‘like’ your page could likely end up walking through your door. You can reach potentially hundreds of thousands customers depending on how much you spend – it’s a useful tool.


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4- Get official!

It’s important as a business to give people peace of mind and ensure that any doubts that can arise from customers in the 21st century are quashed. By verifying your account on Facebook that tells customers that you are a legitimate business and trusted. It takes just a few moments and is really easy to do, just take a look in your settings and follow the easy guide.


5- The proof is in the pudding

Now your pretty much set up you need to be posting quality content with your baying audience available. There’s no point investing time and effort into growing a large following and then letting yourself down with poor content.

By keeping followers regularly updated on your latest offers and events you’ll be informative. Maybe you’re an old family business but some of your followers have no idea about the history of the company, post some historic photos of your premises, maybe you’re a fourth generation owner? Tap into your demographic, local independent traders tend to have customers who are very much interested in this local history and of the trade.

Big new businesses need to assess their audience and apply your output accordingly, just think about what type of image you want your business to portray.


6- Get out there!

One of the most popular types of groups on Facebook are ‘buy and sell’ which have numerous for every nook and cranny of the country. They consist of thousands of people in one group who are notified every time someone posts in them. They’re so popular that in 2017 Facebook added this section to the forefront of their website. By posting in them accordingly or answering people’s posts when someone asks for information on something you provide, you are quite literally picking new customers out at the click of a button.

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